The Engine for Change that Generates Real improvements in marketing productivity.

For over 10 years, FUELPIPE has offered its clients online business strategy, traffic and campaign management and measurement, and decision support to drive significant improvements in marketing productivity.

Most of our clients today face a dual challenge: the unprecedented degree of strategic complexity (increasingly diverse channel options: nontraditional competitors with diverse go-to-market strategies) plus the unprecedented pressure for results.

In this complex environment, clients across all industries are looking for something more than ideas and analysis. They want change that delivers real results. Our strategy and measurement groups bring truly leading-edge strategic frameworks and analytic methods, but we go well beyond the thinking alone.

Our outputs are concrete action plans. We stand beside our clients as implementation partners.

What fuels our engines:

  • Customer Segmentation and Micro-Segmentation
    Uncovering hidden value by identifying new opportunities to maximize results.
  • Pricing and Yield Management
    Expanding margins through customer-specific dynamic pricing.
  • Partnership Development
    Building new profit streams through innovative combinations of partner assets.
  • Customer Loyalty
    Improving the value of the customer base through differential investment.
  • Channel Optimization
    Optimizing marketing investments across an increasingly complex array of physical channels.
  • Measurement and Investment Optimization
    Developing tangible measurement plans for every initiative, so we can work with our clients to optimize investments along the way.

Our strategic offerings provide clients with tangible and measurable methods to achieve marketing productivity.